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More Than Just A Kitset Farm Shed

Terry McCathie had bought a 5 acre block in Karaka and was in the process of building a new home for his family and himself.

Terry also wanted a kitset shed to house his boat and Mrs McCathie needed space for the horse float and a covered area for hay, tack and feed. They also needed storage for the farm bikes and a small tractor.

Terry wasn’t keen on having a tin shed near his home and found the more rustic look of ply and batten easier on the eye. He saw some Ahead Kitsets designs and approached us with a list of requirements. He wasn’t sure we would be able to meet all of them with one building and at an affordable price.

Kitset Homes Farmshed

Kitset Buildings All In One Solution

After getting some measurements of the boat, the horse float and the tractor it was found that the tractor would fit under a lean-to side on.

Our kitset buildings can be customised for any purpose. We proposed one 6 metre wide main kitset shed with one large roller door to house the boat. An open lean-to was added on one side just long enough to cover the horse float.

A full length lean-to was added to the other side with four bays. One was fully enclosed to store the tack and feed and the three open bays housed the tractor, farm bikes and hay.

Unlike a metal shed, our portal kitset sheds frame structural system allows for the building to be built on smaller concrete footings and Terry was pleased with this economy.

Terry was delighted that he was able to meet all of his families requirements with the Ahead design.

If you have questions about kitset sheds and buildings or are considering a kitset shed for a future project, let us help.

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